Capt. Speedy & Sloth Girl

The story behind the idea for Captain Speedy and Sloth Girl goes a little something like this…

I follow a LOT of other artists on Instagram because I love their work, and because I am slowly building up my own style and ability to create. So of course looking at other work helps me to better understand posture, posing, proportions, and all the important P words. Well one evening I was scrolling through my Instagram and came upon this image by an artist named Susan Curry (if you haven’t seen her work check it out it’s amazing).

Anyways she did these images while watching Planet Earth which had girls with animals in them, and she had this one girl with her hair flowing out holding a sloth, and the idea just hit me… a sloth super hero. So I pitched the idea to one of my writing buddies, and thus we have Captain Speedy and Sloth Girl.

Our current release date for this comic is October 20th – sloth day.

But here is a little sneak peak of our “team good” so to speak.

We have Captain Speedy, who yes is a SLOTH! Because why not.

Sloth Girl who’s a mild mannered animal lover.

And Floyd who claims he’s not a part of any team, and is just carted along for the ride because he technically lives on Tawny.

We still have a long way to go before we’re ready to debut this comic, but I’m pretty excited about it!

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