Of Blight & Ruin

So here’s the deal with Of Blight & Ruin… it’s still in it’s VERY early stages of conception, but if you’ve been following along on my Instagram you’ve been able to see the creation of my first character design for it.

Of Blight & Ruin, or as my partner and I are referring to it B&R, is going to be a darker, grungier, supernatural romance comic. It will take a sharp turn away from the cute fluffiness of Captain Speedy and Sloth Girl, and go down a not well lit road… so to speak.

The creation comes from a set of original characters my friend and I have been writing for a long while. I proposed we bring their strange, and wonderful romance to life, and of course my writing buddy was on board because we love them.

Of Blight & Ruin will center first around the ridiculous escapades of one Demi-Demon named Ander Ruin [seen here], and a Banshee named Mab Dúchan (Dúchan roughly translates to Blight). Ander has a tendency to wander drunkenly through life seeking excitement, and he drags his bestie Mab along for the ride whether she likes it or not really. So at least the first half of the first season will focus on the trouble they get into as they follow Ander’s… well…around.

Then the second half will bring more characters, love interests, and drama. Stay tuned into my Instagram for more updates!


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