Writers Blanket Challenge

During NaNoWriMo this year I crocheted a blanket. It was an excellent way for me to get my creative brain, and fingers warmed up and ready to write in the mornings and keep them going in the evenings. I posted this blanket on my Instagram the other day, after gifting it to a family member, and someone suggested that a writing blanket!

After some discussion with my friend Elle Beaumont, we worked it all out…

This blanket will be in the vein of the temperature blankets that have become so popular, except for word counts. The idea is to be accountable for your writing throughout the year and to develop a writing habit as it were. Much like crochet, writing is one of those things that works a little bit at a time. A few words at a time make a sentence, and a few sentences at a time eventually make a book. Whereas with crochet or knitting a few stitches at a time make a row, and a few rows add up to make a blanket.

Thus in the spirit of being the awesome writers we aspire to be—and writing our theoretical pants off—Elle and I created a graphic for the Writers Blanket Challenge! We hope you’ll join us in our 2019 writing/crocheting journey. And if you won’t join us we at least hope you’ll follow along with us on Instagram (@Lou.Wilham & @ElleBeaumontBooks) as we write books, and make blankets!

Pssst… if you want to know what yarn I’m using here’s the colors and brand!

Are you taking the #WritersBlanketChallenge? Tag me or Elle on Instagram with your updates! We’d love to see them!

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