New Years Resolutions

We set them every year—sometimes we fail, sometimes we concur—but either way we go into the new year with the hope for something magical to happen. This year will be the year that things will turn around. This year will be the year that we'll eat more healthy, exercise more, be a kinder gentler version … Continue reading New Years Resolutions

Writers Blanket Challenge

During NaNoWriMo this year I crocheted a blanket. It was an excellent way for me to get my creative brain, and fingers warmed up and ready to write in the mornings and keep them going in the evenings. I posted this blanket on my Instagram the other day, after gifting it to a family member, … Continue reading Writers Blanket Challenge

SlothWhal Studios

SlothWhal Studios is officially a thing now! So here's the deal with SlothWhal Studios, my friend (and writing partner) Tiss and I decided that we needed a united brand to publish our comics under. She loves sloths, I love Narwhals, so SlothWhal was born!We currently have not published any work under the name yet (read … Continue reading SlothWhal Studios